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There are so many businesses that have used this tool like Disney, IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon. The AgencyAnalytics Backlink Monitor offers several key features that makes it one of the effective backlink monitoring tools. Crank up your backlink strategy with Moz Pro – the backlink checker maestro that’s a hot ticket for digital marketers. Once you’ve found them, you can reach out and ask them to include a link back to your site. The tool will also tell you when you lose a backlink. Below is an example report that shows website backlinks on Forbes. Having good quality backlinks is essential to bolster a site’s ranking. Many of the links display as if there’s multiple links, but when I check there’s just 1. It shows metrics such as your site’s linking history, the quality of referring domains, backlink quality, top linking countries, TLD distribution, IP and C block analysis, linked pages summary, and anchor texts. It’s also worth comparing the UI and the design of various backlink monitors. How do you get the most of your backlink campaign and know what your backlinks are telling you. Your email address will not be published. Serpstat is a comprehensive SEO software that equips users with diverse tools for optimizing a website’s performance. We will respond in accordance with the CCPA.

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This is because a steady increase in the number of links to a page indicates that other webmasters find it useful. It’s easy to build a large index of junky links. But to answer your question: High DA backlinks will have a big impact on the DA and PA score for your site. Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS. Backlink Monitor will show you the value of each backlink, whether any of them have been deleted, whether any of them are not indexed, and when the SE Ranking crawler first and last saw the links. It’s important to stay on top of link quality, and this post provides great tips backlinks tools and advice on how to do so. By optimizing your keyword strategy, you can significantly improve your search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic to your site. Nightwatch performs an automated checking of alive and dead links, to show you which links are adding value to your website and which are reducing that value. LinkChecker PRO can help you keep track of the quality of your backlinks. SEO SpyGlass provides a dashboard with all the necessary tools for creating quality backlinks for backlink research and management. Businesses that want target audience members to swiftly find their websites in search engine results should put a lot of time into staying on top of backlinks. How to Generate Traffic with Long Tail Keywords Read More ».

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Linkchecker is the top backlink monitoring tool available. The data involves keywords, hashtags, and other viral content, which benefits in creating relevant backlinks for your website. You can also use them to analyze your competitor’s website so you can make modifications to your site and improve its ranking. It’s never been easier to monitor your backlinks than with LinkChecker Pro. Referring domains followed. Some of the free backlink checker tools are mentioned below. There’s a plethora of top notch backlink monitoring tools. So, you can clearly make out where your link profile stands. Tracking your links is very important as we already stated. Regardless of the length of the list, only the first 1,000 results are viewable. So in all: Excellent product/service. The Plus plan, at $47.

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Easy to configure and start with. Moz is a powerful software that helps you to boost SEO and digital marketing campaigns through expert tools and analytics. You can paste this URL anywhere, or use it to hyperlink text in a Notion page, Slack message, email, etc. It also offers a backlink checking and monitoring tool that performs well, although it lags occasionally. If you are interested in getting deep analysis and reports about backlinks, you need to sign up for the paid account. Keep track of your links Look for new links and completed missions. However, after I tested out the trial, I decided to get it, since there is a refund period. Head to the Brand monitoring section in your Project and start tracking mentions of any word or phrase to ensure you find all important conversations in your niche. The site cheapest plan, the “Start” plan, is $25 per month. It also includes Citation Flow and Trust Flow. However, it is little bit costly but it worth it. And with the tools to generate, manage and remove multiple API keys, you stay in complete control of your API security. © 2023 By Desire Marketing.


Ahrefs will help you to check the page authority, remove low quality links, and count referral traffic. 90 per month and provides you with 2 domains. Your SEO strategy should have as the number one priority the creation of excellent and original content. Below are the top features of Linkody. See your full backlink profile, find hidden backlink gems from your competitors, or discover completely new opportunities by researching other websites’ link profiles. It’s clear that you put a ton of work into it. What other modules use data from the backlinks monitoring tool. Entry level: Starts at $3 per month and offers limited features, such as a limited number of projects that you can manage, keyword credits, and a rank tracker. Let’s start in order and figure out what’s in each column of the table. By using this backlink monitoring tool, you can see.

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Link Research tool package starts at $17. Her merchandise sales – from workout gear to supplements – go through the roof. Irina Weber 9 min read. Defining BacklinksBacklinks are like virtual high fives from other websites. You can manage your website’s backlinks by regularly reviewing your link profile, identifying low quality or spammy backlinks, and disavowing them. Link building translates authority and value to your site making it more visible on the global stage. Looks like they’re back. You can view a full list of Inspyder Backlink Monitor competitors here.

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In fact, we included it in the list because it can really help you get good topical backlinks by notifying you of all online mentions you’re interested in. Just use the “Import” button and add one domain per line in the dialog box. Majestic shows more backlinks than most other backlink checker tools. Brand24 is good for finding the anchor text for all your links. Read more about Pitchbox. So just keep that in mind before trying out and testing them for yourselves. With LinkMiner, you can monitor the number of links pointing to your site and their quality, determined by the link’s popularity rank on Alexa. Published in September 2023.


Identify content with a large volume of links by checking high Trust Flow. With the anchor list graph, it is simple to see how evenly back links appear in crawlers. You can integrate metrics from Majestic and Moz onto your Monitor Backlinks dashboard. We use the part for backlinks monitoring a lot. See what features you can build with DataForSEO Backlinks API. Seeing who’s linking to your competitors is a good way to find backlink opportunities for your own site. Some of the most common reasons are as follows. Thankfully, Semrush lets you do just that with a free account or free trial subscription. You can choose from hourly, daily, or weekly checks. With this backlink checker tool, you’ll cruise through the digital landscape, leaving competitors eating your dust.


Our crawl quality is the best out there. Contently is a powerful content marketing software that excels in content creation and management. If so, go ahead with it. Software can help you recognize missing or lost backlinks. AIOSEO offers a Link Assistant feature that helps you check internal backlinks on your website. This feature will make your life a whole lot easier while your customers won’t even know that you are using this program to generate reports. As a webmaster and SEO specialist, you need to regularly purge your site of these bad backlinks. You can filter links by region, anchor text, domain score, page score, and even by URL.

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This tool is a game changer for content marketers, allowing you to find the most popular content in your industry and uncover what your audience is interested in. The cheapest Semrush plan costs $119. The interface of the platform is great and user friendly. However, I couldn’t find any up to date data on which tool found the most links. Just like Ahrefs and SEMrush, Moz Pro boasts a powerful link building tool. As well as the backlink tools, you’ll also get access to all Moz’s other SEO tools.


The cheapest version of Semrush is the Pro subscription, which has a base rate of $99. The tool can notify you of changes when necessary. You can also see the new and lost referring domains over the last week, months, three months, half a year, and a year. Alongside your keyword rankings we will also show you how much volume or search traffic that keyword gets and if your ranking increases or decreases we will alert you. You can choose if you only want to see nofollow links or dofollow and you can even limit the results to show one backlink per domain. Buzzsumo is a content marketing tool that allows you to analyze your as well as competitors’ content. In particular, it is an opportunity to collect all backlinks in one place. Additionally, you can build relationships with other site owners by monitoring backlinks from authoritative and relevant websites — this can potentially help to attract more high quality backlinks in the future. Trying to stitch together any sizeable amount data to connect how it’s linked together is challenging. Put in a URL and get a link profile.


Additionally, Ahrefs also provides other SEO tools like keyword research, content analysis, and rank tracking. A backlink that comes from a website in your industry is more valuable than a backlink that comes from a web page that doesn’t appear to have any textual relevance to yours. Yes, links still remain an important part of how search engines determine which sites are most trustworthy. Our link building analysis tool shows up to date statistics on the number and quality of backlinks, their dynamics, types, anchors, tiers, and much more. These missed opportunities can be easy targets for link building efforts that can help boost your search engine rankings. Backlinks hold significant importance when it comes to a website’s search engine ranking. Therefore, monitoring backlinks is essential because it allows website owners to. Good for: influencer research, digital marketing and PR. The SEO industry underpins the majority of Internet companies.

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Step 1: Click on this special link to head over to our co branding page and activate the SEMrush Pro free trial for 14 days. And a quick way for them to become more visible is through backlinking to your site. Various factors will help Google determine where to place your site among its search rankings. The “New” feature provides the freshest data for up to 30 days old links, making it easier to stay on top of recent backlinks. It shows what top headlines are currently ranking and have the most engagement on social media. These links, first of all, can do a lot for organic rankings. No SEO platform is right for every user, but Semrush is about as close as it gets. Inbuilt filters, in every report — Analyze the data you care about, and nothing else. In most cases, you’ll find in depth reviews, tutorials, and how to guides of these tools on my blog to help you make informed decisions. You can also get unwelcome backlinks. It helps you with your SEO management. Backlink monitoring doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it seems. Link building is an essential discipline in SEO work. With a quick search, you can find the overall organic traffic, number of backlinks, DA, and other important data for any domain.

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They are valuable for improving rankings, driving targeted traffic to a website, and establishing brand awareness and authority. There’s even an option to bulk add internal links automatically with just one click. Semrush’s link building tool is quite impressive specially, link suggestion tool. Monitor Backlinks provides a detailed analysis of each link and domain and quickly reports it to Google Webmaster Tools to disavow links if required. Majestic uses a unique Flow Metric™ to assess backlink quality. Top marketing trends and the most shared content from over the past month, direct to your inbox. So, after analyzing the data from the table, you can understand that backlinks that are placed on non working pages are of absolutely no use to your website. Getting quality backlinks to your site is a great way to raise your page rank and get more visibility in search results. If you are even remotely related to Search Engine Optimization, you are already familiar with Semrush.

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You get automated and actionable recommendations on what to do with your site, links, redirects, opportunities or issues. More importantly, OpenLinkProfiler can generate several reports. It offers valuable insights into your website’s performance, indexability, and security. For example, you may decide not to pay attention to backlinks from certain publications because it will be too hard to reach the kind of people you’re trying to target. Your link profile is ever changing; it’s vital to stay on top of it. And you have the option to view more.

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A web page with several backlinks can get higher ranking on leading search engines, even Google. Just use the “Import” button and add one domain per line in the dialog box. It provides information on the links pointing to their website from external sources, including the number, quality, and relevance of the links. They have a pretty user friendly interface that’s nice for those new to SEO. So after getting all these backlink details, what should you do with those. This way you can copy all bad links to your clipboard with one click. The data also updates really quickly. So here are a few tips that will make the task easy for you in monitoring and tracking backlinks of your website. Building and monitoring backlinks isn’t easy, however with these simple tools it can make the process a lot easier. It also collects and displays other vital metrics as we’ve shown you in the section above.

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Here’s a short recap of why. Search engine marketing software helps businesses improve their visibility on search engine results pages, usually via paid advertising. To help you achieve this, the tool is packed with the most critical SEO metrics that give you all the data you need in one neat interface. It offers a backlink checker feature that you can use to analyze backlinks. In this respect, one of the most basic and important tasks concerned with SEO is creating and checking backlinks. Unlike the old DA, this new Domain Authority filters out spammy links. Additionally, you will get suggested missions which are goals you can strive for.

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Get a glimpse into the power of our premium tool. A trusted SEO partner like RankJacker SEO can help you do this with ease. SE ranking enables link building teams to learn about backlink profiles of your competition and analyze their backlink quality too. UK and Ireland Tech Quarterly Funding Report. In addition to the total links, you can filter the links based on multiple factors to discover link opportunities. LinkedIn is the perfect platform for anyone in need of professional connections.


Check the uptime status of the website, server and services. Although backlinks are highly important for your search engine rankings, you should not forget about on page optimization which is the second large part of search engine optimization. You’ll get the overall idea of backlink influence, anchor page, link date, and more. SEO SpyGlass is a backlink tool that falls under the SEO PowerSuite umbrella. The last part of the overview/dashboard shows any changes in link status. Monitor Backlinks is an online SEO tool that automatically notifies users when their backlinks are changed, removed or about to expire.