Deck Staining, Deck Cleaning, Refinishing, and Deck Restoration for Tampa, FL

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Parnell’s Custom Painting, Inc. can completely restore weathered wood decks with rich, luxurious penetrating stains that not only make your deck look fabulous, but are easy to maintain. We can safely removed failed coatings and bring your weathered deck back to life. Our deck staining will create an inviting outdoor retreat, so give us a call now. Our deck staining, deck cleaning and deck refinishing services are second to none.

Wooden decks and even composite decking require much more maintenance than other types of exterior wood. Being horizontal, these surfaces are subject to much heavier abuse from rain, dirt, mold, and foot traffic than even the posts and rails that surround your deck. Coatings will wear away sooner on decks than on the railings, on wood siding, or wooden fences, so their maintenance interval is shorter. Even if you just do annual deck cleaning, your wood will fare better than if left alone.

What Our Deck Staining & Deck Restoration Process Means For You

  • No chipping, peeling, flaking coatings. We use high quality oils that both nourish and protect your wood.
  • Lower future maintenance costs after initial restoration.
  • Make your outdoor living space a place you can proudly enjoy with friends and family.
  • Turn your deck from an eyesore into a luxurious place to relax.
  • Save money on costly wood replacement.
  • Enjoy your deck rather than labor over it’s appearance.
  • Preserve and maintain your deck to ensure lasting enjoyment.

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