Stucco Repair & Drywall Repair in Tampa, FL.

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We can handle many types of exterior wall plaster projects! Parnell’s Custom Painting, Inc. only uses the most durable, attractive, and weather-resistant, stucco works inside or outside. Depending on the surface, applying stucco can be a time consuming task. However, it is a great way to enhance the look of one’s home, office, or business. For added effect, stucco can also be colored to one’s desire.Wear and abuse can leave gaps in stucco that need filling. Have an experienced handyman reinforce, restructure, or just redo your stucco wall today – tell us what you need!

If you have faded exterior stucco, direct sunlight is typically the culprit. Flaking and peeling are usually a result of moisture damage, and sprinklers are the culprit almost every time. Make this an opportunity to re-do the paint and add some style to your Tamparesidence! Go on and choose a color that you really like; the results will definitely show.

Our Stucco Repair & Refinishing Services

  • Small Stucco Repairs
  • Minor Stucco Patches
  • Stucco Crack Repairs
  • Stucco Scraping & Removal
  • Damaged Stucco Repair
  • Stucco Reinforcement
  • Stucco Removal
  • Stucco Texture Refinishing & Touch-Up

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