Interior House Painting in Riverview, FL.

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Invigorate your family room or energize your bedroom with a fresh coat of paint. Parnell’s Custom Painting, Inc. does all kinds of paint jobs from small to large homes and everything in between, and we treat every job with the same attention to detail and quality. Hire us as your Riverview interior house painting company. Our professionalism and experience will transform your next painting project into an original work of art.

We offer a wide variety of coating systems as well. We can discuss in detail why to use various finishes such as flat, eggshell, satin, mildew resistant coatings, semi gloss trim paints, Venetian plasters or faux glazes, and of course we also work with all phases of wood staining and sealing with varnishes and urethanes!

What to Expect When Hiring a Riverview Interior House Painting Contractor

1.) First we will carefully cover and protect your flooring, then we also cover and move furniture as needed based on what portions of the house or job we are working on (we may ask you to remove small knick-knacks prior to our arrival). We are here to paint your house, not its contents! Once covered, we shall perform various types of preparation. Large holes may call for walls to be cut out and replaced with new sheet rock, and then plastered as needed. Typical cracks and holes shall be filled and sanded to remove the imperfections. We of course will remove any wall coverings or borders as needed and again fill and sand walls back to smooth. Some areas may require some cleaning and wiping of surfaces to remove dirt or grease that may affect paint adhesion.

2.) Some areas may require priming before we can start to paint. There are many forms of primers we use, and each has a specific purpose or attribute. We select each form of primer based on the conditions we encounter on each particular surface.We will prime to seal water or smoke stains, or to seal knots on trim and retard further bleeding.We may prime bare wood to raise the grain for better sanding or to seal and hold back tannin resins. Some primers may be to help with adhesion in areas with peeling or flaking problems. Some primers are needed to fill porous walls and create an even sheen on washable top coats, while others may be tinted to form a base for proper coverage with many deeper wall color selections. We know what to use, where to use, and why to use it that is why you hire us!

3.) We caulk and putty trim as needed to seal gaps and unsightly holes. We may use an adhesive caulking if we feel an area needs some extra support. Trim may also be lightly sanded prior to re-coating if we feel it is needed for adhesion due to prior glossy finish, or smooth out a prior coating.

4.) Once all areas are covered, prepared, primed, and ready to go, we will apply the proper coating to achieve the look and finish you would like! We even do pour on bar top finishes as you see in many restaurants (in fact, we may have done the ones you have seen there!) Let us help guide you thru the process and choose the best system to fit your needs.

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